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A Milwaukee, Wisconsin Polka Band

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The Original Collection

2018 Mike Schneider

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  1. Rapid Fire Polka
  2. Midnight Reflections
  3. Tanya Polka
  4. Lost Love Waltz
  5. Banjo Man Polka
  6. A Waltz for Heather
  7. Touchstone Polka
  8. Before & After Polka
  9. A Waltz for Kelby
  10. Iron Mountain Polka
  11. Alpine Mountaineer
  12. Libby's Laendler
  13. Ping Polka
  14. Elk River Polka
  15. John's Polka
  16. A Waltz for Jessica
  17. Happy Polka Day
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Christmas Kielbasa The Original Collection

Happy Polka Day

Accordion Artistry

The Mike Schneider Band: Live! Pint Size Polkas Volume One

Pint Size Polkas Volume Two: Dance!

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Live on the Mollie B Polka Party!

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The Happy Birthday Polka

The Cheese Days Polka
The Wisconsin Polka
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