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So what have I been up to? We'll start with the less-than-stellar news of, well, I've had no in-person gigs since mid-March. The live music scene came to a screeching halt then, and hasn't been able to do much to redeem itself due to the restrictions that remain in place in many communities. It's been a tough time for many of us who rely on music for our livings, and I wish my fellow musicians all the best. Hopefully we'll all find our way through these difficult times!

I'm hesitant to put a schedule with this update because so many shows have been cancelled or are in a state of uncertainty. I would kindly ask that you keep an eye on the Schedule page here, and the Events page, and I will do my best to keep those pages updated. Also, please never hesitate to email me if you need to confirm a specific date. Iíll do my best to answer promptly!

So what's the good news in all of this? I have been extremely busy producing virtual programs for libraries this summer. My income is still going to be way, way down from what it normally is, but itís still something, and I see a lot of possibilities for expanding my virtual programming services in the future.

In the spring, I also produced a series of short videos of me playing some of my original music, as well as several polka covers. Please check out my YouTube channel at to see those videos, along with a few interviews that I did years back for the Polka Visionary Society - the official fan club of the Mike Schneider Band. Some really interesting discussions there you will not want to miss!

My kids and their teammates are on an amazing run! Heather and I coach their FIRST Lego League team, named ďThe F.O.U.R.Ē They won their regional and sectional competitions this season, and at state earned a Global Innovation nomination for their creative (and now patent-pending) idea to keep mice and rats out of homes and buildings. They proceeded to make it through the next round of judging, so out of 40,000 FLL teams worldwide, they are in the top 20. I am so incredibly proud of our kids, and of Heather, who is their main (and amazing) coach!

How can you help our kids, and also learn more about their project? First, please visit, like and share their Faecbook page at There, you can read daily updates about their project and their progress.

As always, be sure to join our growing list of fans on Facebook here, or for Pint Size Polkas here. Once youíre there, click the Like button at the top of the page.

That's all for this month. Thanks again, and stay healthy and sane during these challenging times!

Mike Schneider
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