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Happy New Year, Happy National Polka Month, and Happy Winter! I hope youre staying warm in the cold weather thats been hitting the Midwest. I was supposed to do two school shows this week west and north of Green Bay, but those were thankfully rescheduled for next week!

Just in case you havent had the chance to read my annual newsletter as of yet, Im including that below. In addition to what I wrote there, Im very happy to report that my summer schedule will now be taking me as far west as Ive ever been into Missoula, MT and the Helena area the week of July 22. Ill also be visiting the Grand Forks Public Library later that week, marking my first visit to North Dakota. Looking forward to meeting many new people this summer and, in many cases, to giving them the chance to experience polka music for the very first time!

Im also excited to report on the progress of my forthcoming Christmas album, which will be available digitally and on CD. Ive finished rough cuts so far for three tracks, and hope to make much more progress as we continue on toward spring. My plan at this point is to have 12 total tracks, at least four of which will be originals. Looking forward to sharing more about this project as I continue to make progress! Plus, be sure to check out my Facebook pages (Im including links below) for audio samples once I have something thats ready to publish. Its looking like Ill be celebrating Christmas all year round in 2019!

And now, heres my annual newsletter

The summer of 2018 was my very busiest to date, with 153 shows in 10 states. The vast majority of those bookings were at libraries with my Pint Size Polkas program. While the 10th anniversary of my first library program doesn't come around until next June, the summer of 2018 also marked my 10th summer doing Pint Size Polkas, and subsequently my 10th year making a full-time, family-supporting living playing polka music. I've said this many times before, but had someone told me 15 years ago that's what I'd be doing, I would have probably agreed with the conventional wisdom of the notion's improbability. But so very gratefully to you for your support, to my wife, Heather, for the Pint Size Polkas idea here we are 10 years later and I'm essentially living out the dream job of my childhood. Thank you!

There's lots to look forward to in 2019! For Pint Size Polkas, I'll be making return trips to libraries in CO, GA, IA, IL, MI, OK, TX, and WI, and also visiting new libraries in AL and FL two states I'll be making my first professional visits to. Can't wait to get started!

For the Mike Schneider Band, we're scheduled for 10 performances at the Old German Beer Hall in Downtown Milwaukee in 2019. I'll also be back at the Milwaukee Moose Lodge in January, and am already booking up the busy months of August, September and October, including a return to West Bend German Fest on August 25. Looking forward to a great year ahead!

Even polka music can get techie! After more than a decade of faithful service, I've retired my old Roland sound module, along with my equalizer, reverb unit and mixer, in favor of a 16-channel audio interface and laptop capable of running my mixing software as well as my new software sound module. All of this was done in the hopes of preserving my back for years to come! My old rack weighed well over 100 pounds. The new equipment in the same rack feels like it weighs about half as much, and when my new rack is finished, everything should come in at or under 40 pounds. It's been quite the learning curve getting everything setup to my liking, but it's proven to be well worth the effort. The end result for you should be improved sound quality; for me, a less sore back in 2019!

As always, be sure to join our growing list of fans on Facebook here, or for Pint Size Polkas here. Once youre there, click the Like button at the top of the page.

Until next time, enjoy the remainder of National Polka Month!

Mike Schneider
The Mike Schneider Band

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